We are a one-stop provider of web site design, based in Michigan, that is visually stunning and search engine optimized. We provide the conceptualization, planning, design, and execution of the site using the latest technologies.

We have been developing web sites since the Internet was made ‘public’ in 1993. So, we have a lot of expertise with ‘traditional’ HTML sites, though recently have been creating sites using the “WordPress” CMS (Content Management System), which gives the end user the ability to manage their content easily.

In addition to entire sites, we also create “landing pages” for AdWords campaigns, and “minisites for a one-time use, like a trade show.

We have presented our web site design examples in the following categories: HTML sites; Landing pages; Non-profits; Pro Bono work; and WordPress.



Bob Hart Agency

Clients First Realtors

Designed By You

Great Lakes Conf.

Greystone Financial

Just A Token

Life Remodeled


Nozer Buchia

Peach Of A Ride

Purpose-Driven Life

Scion-Owners Guide

Seneca Street


Tahquamenon Falls

Total Managemt. Serv.

Search For Meaning

Visible, Inc (3517)

Visual IMPACT!

Visual IMPACT! (2008)


Wonderful World of OZ

Let us develop a site for you that will differentiate you from your competitors, and provide you more ‘organic’ visibility in search engine results.

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