Endless configurations and designs
This aluminum display system is designed to allow for endless  shapes and configurations to meet the needs of your product or event space. As you can see in the images to the left, the layouts can be simple or more complex and can include accessories like product shelves, monitors, brochure holders or presentation podiums.

The graphic panels are printed on fabric with a dye-sublimation process and a thin silicone strip sewn directly into its edges. This silicone strip is designed to fit in the grove of the aluminum framework to produce a seamless mural that is completely smooth and wrinkle free. Our dye-sublimation graphics have fantastic color output, lightweight, easy to install, wrinkle and stain resistant and can even be washed if they become dirty.

Many of the standard kits pack down into a shipping case (or two) with wheels and can be transported in the back of a vehicle or  easily shipped with most major carriers.

The Expand InfinitaSystem is perfect for semi-permanent or long term installations and most configurations can be set up in an hour or two with a simple allen wrench.

Pricing for a 10′ wide display starts at $5,995.00.

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