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    Trade Show - Outdoor Displays

4-Sided A-Frame
Valet360 is a dual board hinged display with Poly Twill fabric cover that utilizes all four sides for 360 degrees of advertising. Valet360 is 25″ wide and available in two heights (36″ and 45″). Perfect for outdoor or indoor use.

Outdoor signage needs to be stable on windy days or in poor weather conditions. Valet360 stays in place and is sturdy enough to be used in most applications. For more weight, Valet360 can be filled with sand to add 5 lbs. more per side.

Great for corporate events, trade shows, expos, special events, and more. Just find your spot and spread out the dual hinged display and the Valet360 will be sure to catch the attention of pedestrians and motorists alike.

Constructed of heavy-duty durable plastic for long life, The Valet360 can take a beating and still look great for years. The sturdy fabric cover is easy to use and durable enough to throw in the wash.

Pricing, including graphic, starts at $495.00.

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