HOW We Work

We adapt our services to meet your need—when you need it. We have designed flexible service offerings to respond to differing needs and environments.

Marketing Services That Fit Your Needs
Perhaps you require a traditional, full-service ‘agency’ relationship. We are fully capable of providing total project management from original concept through all stages of development, culminating in the final presentation or ’product’.

We also offer our services on a project-by-project basis. We can either take responsibility for the management of the project, or just provide an agreed-upon level of service you desire for a given project you will manage.

Many times you will want to produce ancillary projects that support a larger endeavor. We can work in concert directly with you or with an outside agency you have on retainer—sometimes we take up ‘residence’ at your location to facilitate seamless project coordination and communications.

‘Best-in-Class’ Capabilities
We also utilize an impressive network of highly-skilled ‘virtual staff members’ experience in all aspects of the creative process—from planning through production. This can bring together specialists in all fields of “multimedia”—advertising, marketing, design, Internet, mobile, video, print, television, radio, writing, interactive, photography, signage, merchandising, and trade shows. This provides you with the ‘best-in-class’ skills to produce superior creative at competitive prices.

Utilizing The Latest Advancements in Marketing
We employ the latest technologies, enabling us to offer a variety of methods when we work with you. We also provide a secure area that allows you to check on the progress of your project, and permits us to present to you fully ‘interactive’ web sites and mobile apps or full-color visualizations of branding, print, or video productions, while still in development—producing the best solution in the quickest time.

Start Working With Us Today! 
We have been a lead provider of integrated marketing solutions in the greater metro Detroit area, including Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Southfield, and Troy for the past 34 years. If you have specific questions about how we can work with you, call us ( 248.548.7000 ) to discuss the details of why you should consider using us for your next project. You can also send us a RFP, RFQ, or just some details about what you are looking for, click here to contact us.

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