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  • "Getting Noticed Online With Video: How To Get Listed Quicker By The Search Engines"
  • EXCERPT: There’s a lot of talk about “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) these days. Even though all this does need to be done to get the most out of an online campaign, just one video will get you noticed quicker—and has been much easier since the introduction of the iPhone 4 a few years ago (you can shoot, edit, and share HD video right on the phone!).

    Combining images and audio is very powerful and very effective in getting your message across—and a great percentage of people will actually remember it.

    Someone once said that we retain 10% of what we hear; 20% of what we read; 30% of what we see; 50% of what we hear and see; 70% of what we discuss; and 90% of what we do or teach.

    So, as this shows, video is the most effective form of ‘presentation’ we have now—and after one experiences a video presentation, if you can get them to do something, that will almost ‘cinch’ an action related to your message. That is why advertisers still use TV commercials, since they know it still is a very effective method in communicating their client’s message. [more...]

  • "Trade Show Display Marketing: Promotional Strategies"
  • EXCERPT: Generating sales from trade shows is all about getting qualified leads and converting them into purchasers.

    It is a good idea to "presell" your booth by sending customers and prospects a note or an email with your booth number, inviting them to stop by and pick up a small gift, participate in a giveaway or take advantage of special show prices. If they take the bait and want to buy at the show, it's a good idea to have a separate location (or at least a quiet spot in the back of the booth) where you can close the sale.

    Trade show or group selling is slightly different than other sales methods, but it's not complicated. Sales fundamentals still apply: Contact all the visitors you can. The more visitors you encounter, the more potential qualified leads you can identify. Develop a short list of questions to quickly separate the serious buyers from the browsers. Focus on the buyers. Prepare a 30 second run-down of the benefits of using your products. Get contact information and then move on to the next prospect.

    Buyers are busy, too, and they'll appreciate your cordial efficiency. If you sense a big fish on the line, be prepared to go the extra mile. Rent a hotel suite to entertain small groups of VIP prospects. Invite qualified prospects for cocktails, dinner or perhaps breakfast the next morning. The object is to spend quality time with people who are most likely to place large orders. [more...]

  • "Trade Show Exhibiting Tips: Pre-show Promotional Campaigns"
  • EXCERPT: Face it: There’s no end to the ways you can mess up a direct mail campaign. Most of us are familiar with the mistakes that lead to certain direct-mail death: don’t ask for any action, mail the item too late, don’t use benefits-oriented copy, or (heaven forbid!) don’t send anything at all.

    Pre-show direct mailers are a particularly demanding breed of the direct mail species. As such, there’s even more room for error. Here are seven common pre-show direct mailer errors identified by Lorraine Denham, executive vice president, Unipro Marketing Services. Watch out for them in your planning.

    1. Wrongful assumptions. Don’t assume that people know all about your com- pany or its products. Keep your copy to one message, and keep that message simple. You can educate them on the other levels of your company and prod- ucts once they are in the booth.

    2. Mailer overboard. Giant type, multiple exclamation points, a dozen vibrant colors - ouch! Remember that pre-show mailers set the tone and spirit of your booth. You might discourage attendees from visiting your booth if your mailer is too loud. [more...]

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