LCD Holder
LCD screens are a whole new type of media within portable displays. The Expand MonitorStand allows you to quickly add an LCD to your event display. Easily show a video presentation, slide show or product demonstration which can engage a customer and strengthen your marketing message.

• Combine traditional marketing with multimedia
• Use as a freestanding monitor holder
• Use with the Expand 2000 completely or partially integrated

“XL” Version:
The Expand MonitorStand XL provides an easy way to mount your screen and incorporate a movie, video presentation, commercial, computer demonstration or moving graphics with traditional printed images. Our stable, portable monitor holder can hold an LCD/LED monitor up to 92.6 lbs. or a screen up to 60″ (measured diagonally). Other than attaching the universal VESA brackets to the back of the monitor, no tools are required to set up this stand.

• Display larger monitors up to 92.6 lbs. or 60″
• Use as a freestanding monitor holder
• Integrate it into our pop-up displays
• Packs into one simple bag weighing only 38 lbs.
• Variable height

Pricing starts at $795.00.

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