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Frameless Display
Our wide selection of frameless graphic displays takes your images “to the edge”, eliminating the conventional “framed in” look. Images are printed using environmentally-friendly fabrics and inks, and are retained by a simple, invisible and easy-to-use perimeter tensioning feature. Also eliminated in the process are acrylic faces, along with their weight, reflections, and cost. The result—your graphics have greatly-enhanced visual impact, using a simple, economical, and eco-friendly system.

StretchFrame™ and StretchLiteT are available in all popular sizes, custom sizes, and in “mega” sizes. They can be made virtually any size, but the practical size limit is 10′ (3m)* by any dimension. Sizes larger than 36″ x 48″ (915 x 1220 mm) are shipped in kit form, and are easily assembled on location.

• Non-illuminated or backlit graphics
• Single- or double-sided display
• Models for interior or exterior use

This is a ‘custom’ system, so contact us for consultation and pricing.

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