Backlighting System
The ROLOLIGHT BOOTH INTEGRATION™ is a tradeshow industry first and helps turn a regular booth into an attractive and unique, eye catching display. This universal lighting panel will fit the Expand MediaWall and the Expand 2000 and most other pop-up booths on the market. This patent pending lighting system allows a booth to be lit-up from the inside out, so your graphics will demand extra attention.

Each ROLOLIGHT panel is lightweight and can be rolled up for easy transport and storage. With the help of elastic cords, these panels install in minutes and disassemble in seconds. The fluorescent lights have a hard, protective sleeve and a life up to 10,000 hours. Lighting an entire booth only requires one electrical outlet. Think green, Think Rololight!

• For use with most pop-ups on the market
• Rollable fluorescent lights
• Durable
• Energy efficient

This is a ‘custom’ material, so contact us for consultation and pricing.

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